Most people have heard of IoT (Internet of Things) technology but are not clear what it can do and what the benefit can be for their organization. A great way to get updated on IoT capabilities and what it can do for your organization is to ask InnoTractor to set up a workshop with your team.

Learn how IoT can make assets smart and how it can enable new products and services.

Our workshop will provide you with answers on key questions like:
What is IoT? What impact can IoT have on my organization and it’s processes?

Workshop description:
In half a day we will introduce you into the world of IoT. You will become more knowledgeable of different aspects of IoT from technology basics (the sensors, wireless technologies and platforms) to how these can be applied to create business advantages. We will jointly explore how your business processes can be made smarter and will look at potentially viable business cases.

We will do this according to a proven format: In the workshop we will make use of our IoT devices which are used to demonstrate IoT device technology, show the data from the devices on a dashboard and also demonstrate how the latest ledger technology can enable trusted sharing of data between parties in a supply chain.

We are active in these sectors:

  • Public space
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility
  • Logistics

Maximum group size: 12 people

At a venue or online

Do you want to know more about IoT and how it can unlock new business opportunities?


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