Use cases

IoT in Innercity Waterways Transport

CityBarge offers cost-efficient and sustainable transport over waterways and makes use of innovative electric push-boats, barges and modular floating mini-hubs. Check out their website for more information. InnoTractor provides CityBarge with the IoT tools to digitise the logistics process: track and tracing of assets as well as the cargo. The Orbitz sensors and actuators provide the data on location of assets, filling grade of barges and metrics like water depth to the Gravity platform which enables the real-time actionable data. This enables efficiency through process control, insights, the ability of fast and easy billing and it is a step towards the internet-of-cargo vision.

IoT innovation which stimulates renewed and sustainable transport over waterways to allow for reduced inner city truck transport. A good step towards a better world.

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Tracking of Asset Usage for Capex Reduction

One of our clients provides medical self-support equipment and required disposables to patients so they can provide self-care at home. The business model is focused on the sales of the disposables and the equipment is provided free of charge through general practitioners. To ensure that the equipment is returned as soon as possible when patients are no longer using it InnoTractor is supporting with an Orbitz-based IoT solution which tracks usage of the equipment. This is done in a way which respects patient privacy but does provide our client with information which enables a significant reduction in CAPEX as the equipment can be returned faster. The information also provides more insights into the process and usage, and allows for next steps in digitization and optimization to further gain control and reduce waste.

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Medical Sample Condition and Location Controlled Transport

On a daily basis thousands of blood- and tissue samples are transported from point-of-care locations to labs. These transports are temperature and sometimes shock conditioned but often not actively monitored. InnoTractor works with parties in this supply chain of general practitioners, transport companies, labs, hospitals, etc to ensure this process is controlled. This is done by using InnoTractor’s Orbitz to measure temperature, location, time and handovers between parties. The information is then made available in real-time to ensure that if any violations of agreed transport conditions are about to occur or have occurred that the relevant parties can act immediately. The gained real-time insights give the parties increased process control, increased service levels to patients and healthcare workers, less waste, reduced cost and delivers process quality which contributes to the raising standards in the healthcare system.

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Making the Heatleap Heating System Control Unit Smart

In this project InnoTractor developed the smart control unit of the HeatLeap all-electric heating system. The control unit is smart connected so the unit performance and maintenance needs are remotely monitored for correct performance and remote support in case of issues or alarms. The smart control is also a preparation for a smart-grid connection whereby the heating system can make optimal use of green energy from local sources, local battery storage and low cost energy from the grid. Quoting the HeatLeap managing director: “InnoTractor helps us with IoT technology to make our sustainable energy and heating systems connect and communicate in a smart way.”


Smart Bike Locks with Hopperpoint

InnoTractor is working with the Dutch company Hopperpoint to apply innovative IoT technology to bike sharing, bike storage and e-cargo bikes. By applying sensors and smart locks the bikes get increased functionality and services become richer, easier and more reliable.

Lets take a look at how Hopperpoint and InnoTractor can achieve this.
By applying smart IoT technologies a lot of data is gathered which is then handled and processed safely by InnoTractor cloud solutions*, allowing Hopperpoint to proces the data in its systems and client applications.

*Based on the NB-IoT network, the new generation M2M network.

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“Where are my tools?!”

“What if you loose your stuff?” And with “stuff” we mean for instance tools from a van. Currently many vans, cranes, construction platforms and larger machines are equipped with GPS trackers. But what if you want to find smaller electric tools like a drill?

It’s a common phenomenon at construction companies that tools are lost, get stolen or that tools are “borrowed” without returning them afterwards. Subsequently, at the annual NEN3140 testing and certification many tools are listed as missing. At audits its frequently found that uncertified tools did end up in the construction vans and are used. This causes a risk for employee safety and could impact the VCA certificate.

InnoTractor offers a digital IoT solution based on it’s Orbitz IoT device. When deployed, as soon as a construction van leaves the construction site the driver gets notified that a tool is missing in the van or that the van contains someone else’s drill. These notifications are logged and presented in the construction companies’ ERP system and the driver can easily check the location of the missing tool. Company management can benefit from savings as tools don’t get lost and hence do not need to be replaced. And with cross-checking tools and certification it can find and isolate uncertified tools.

The solution offers operational cost savings, reduces tool investment and can increase employee safety which all-in-all also supports a positive company reputation. Contact InnoTractor to find out more about the solution and its deployment.

Tracking, Tracing and Monitoring of Medicine during Shipment

InnoTractor is currently driving an innovation project where medicine which is in transit can be tracked, traced and temperature monitored by means of an IoT tag.
This allows continuous verification against the agreed SLA. Measurement upon arrival has always been possible but with this project we enable continuous monitoring during shipment, allowing immediate action upon breach of SLA standards at any point in the logistics chain. By making failure in the logistics chain visible and actionable companies can reduce cost, save time and hold parties in the chain accountable for SLA breach. Actions upon SLA breach can be immediate rerouting, sending of a replacement shipment even before arrival of the initial shipment, acceptance and initiation of root cause analysis investigation.

This use case of applied IoT technology is not only applicable to medicine transport but to any logistics which contain perishable, valuable, fragile goods or even living goods like animals and plants.


Can you remotely monitor swimming water quality?

In summertime you often hear about swimming waters being closed due to blue-green algae. Currently the water quality monitoring is done manually by park officials which makes it labour intense.

InnoTractor and Vodafone joined forces to find a solution which enables remote monitoring of the swimwater quality. The data derived from water quality sensors can be sent through wifi to the park administrators for real-time analysis and subsequent action.

According to the province who requested solution support: “We were looking for a party who could help us to develop an innovative solution by which we could improve communication on swimming water quality to the public and found InnoTractor. In the process of brainstorming for solutions and setting direction InnoTractor has helped us tremendously. They guided us in thinking outside the box which lead to unexpected and useful ideas which took us forward. InnoTractor has proven to master a new problem domain quickly.
We want to thank InnoTractor for their contribution and can recommend them as a partner.”