Our Gravity service and platform has the goal to Relieves pains and create gains by increasing your insights through actionable new data streams from your production process. We combine our services and software to realize end to end solutions that helps to analyze and control your core processes and businesses. We believe that we can gain your quality and efficiency by enabling the data that gives you the right information in the right way.

Gravity stands for the force that attracts “things” toward the center of the earth. We believe our gravity can attracts “things” to the center of the internet, via this way we create mass in IoT.

With our team of experts in different technologies like IoT, Blockchain, hardware development and software development we can generate the right use case for your business with the knowledge of the technology that is needed behind it. Gravity makes use of a modular end to end data platform that we can turn into your specific solution that create added value for your business.


DiLLaS will enable companies in the supply chain to deliver an e-commerce order via automated contracting of transport, logistic services and warehousing without the need for paper interaction. The Blockchain based solution will be made available as a service to its users. It runs on the latest IoT (internet of things) platforms to connect the partners in the supply chain and safely exchange information.

DiLLaS stands for Distributed Ledger for Logistics and Supply Chain and is developed in coöperation with PosteItaliane, Technische Universität Berlin, Ericsson, Datacon and CWI Amsterdam, the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science.


Internet of Things Development. With the ease of Arduino and beauty of Narrow Band. The CUBE is a multi-sensor development device with NB-IOT and CAT-M1 connectivity. By being fully Arduino compatible, making Internet of Things use cases has never been so easy!

Innotractor uses The CUBE to create fast and reliable end to end Proof of Concepts. These are used to test use cases for our customers. The CUBE functions as a demo device to test a Proof of Concept when it is difficult to find a device that fits the task. The CUBE proofs the use case and we manage development of a dedicated device for the end to end solution.

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