Gravity is about mass attracting mass. Our Gravity IoT service connects your assets and makes all the relevant data available in your systems. Gravity can manage mass roll-out and fast and easy mass management of assets and its data.

Our Gravity also helps you to get lift-off in your business. IoT offers new possibilities, but the journey to discover this new world is also very exciting. See us as the rocket that launches you in the right direction, you drive with our knowledge, network and experience.

A rocket consists of several parts. Depending on your needs, we deploy all or part of the rocket components. See us as the accelerator on every part of the rocket.


DiLLaS is an IoT and Blockchain solution that offers a new and unique view on shipment events data for logistics companies and their partners.

It can be used in the logistic sector for companies that want to measure certain things in their package. For most package it is possible to track & trace their package but what if you also want to know what the temperature is of your package? Because your products can only be transported at a certain temperature or if your package cannot have too much sunlight while they are transported. This can all be real-time measured with DiLLaS during transportation of your package.

If you see that the temperature for your package is too high or too low you can decide to stop the transport and send in a new delivery. Another benefit is that every chauffeur has responsibility for their own part in the chain. If the package does not meet the service delivery agreement in a certain part of the chain it is readable in which part this was the case.

During handover to other chauffeurs it is good to have the information that a package does not meet the service level agreement. If that is the case the chauffeur can either refuse the package because it does not meet the SLA or accept it but then he at least knows that the package does not meet the SLA.

Telbase IoT

Telbase IoT billing offers a full featured billing platform for subscription based businesses supporting complex billing. Telbase IoT billing is product independent, supports multiple customer structures, offers localization, is format independent (PDF, e-mail, print), contains workflow and supports complex pricing structures (rates plans, discounts, customer specific pricing)

With an integration towards existing ERP systems through an standardized APIs.