Gravity is about gravity and the release of solid soil. IoT offers new possibilities, but the journey to discover this new world is also very exciting. See us as the rocket that determines direction with you, you drive with our knowledge, network and experience.

A rocket consists of several parts. Depending on your needs, we deploy all or part of the rocket components. See us as the accelerator on every part of the rocket.


Readily available actionable data of parcel delivery events is key for continuous control and optimisation of logistics and supply chain processes to save natural resources. DiLLaS provides the trusted data and events in real time to the partners in the chain.

Parcels are not always delivered at their destination in time and with the right agreed quality, this can cause financial losses due to reimbursements and low customer satisfaction. Especially higher value shipments ranging from routine parcels up to extraordinary parcels are insured against risks of loss, theft, damage or any other events that could impact delivery precision and quality. Prompt and secure detection, monitoring and recording of the shipment events is needed to allow tracking of service quality level, accountability, liability evidence in disputes and for analysis and optimisation of the logistical chain.

DiLLaS is an IoT and Blockchain solution that offers a new and unique view on shipment events data for logistics companies and their partners. These views create a detailed insight and transparency of significant security and safety events during the shipment. Additionally, by storing them in the distributed ledger, a trusted and decentralised recollection of the events of the shipment is created.

DiLLaS enables a new way of handling parcel delivery and accelerates the implementation of more reliable and financial sustainable delivery processes.


Internet of Things Development. With the ease of Arduino and beauty of Narrow Band. The CUBE is a multi-sensor development device with NB-IOT and CAT-M1 connectivity. By being fully Arduino compatible, making Internet of Things use cases has never been so easy!

InnoTractor uses The CUBE to create fast and reliable end to end Proof of Concepts. These are used to test use cases for our customers. The CUBE functions as a demo device to test a Proof of Concept when it is difficult to find a device that fits the task. The CUBE proofs the use case and we manage development of a dedicated device for the end to end solution.