Software-as-a-Service Platforms


IoT Service Platform

Digitalisation will create masses of data from sensors which will gravitate until you capture them and transform data into business knowledge and actions. Our Gravity IoT service does just that: it connects your assets, makes all the relevant data available in your systems and delivers true actionable business insights. Gravity can manage mass roll-out and fast and easy mass management of assets and its data.


IoT Blockchain Service Platform

DiLLaS (Distributed Ledger for Logistics and Supply Chain management) is a blockchain solution which guarantees secure storage and shared access of data amongst agreed partners. In logistics the solution offers a new and unique view on shipment events data for logistics companies and their partners. Lets take the example of end-to-end tracking of valuable parcels with fragile or perishable goods. Think about for instance medicine transport. Current track and trace solutions only measure location but can not verify if conditions set in SLAs on humidity, temperature or fragile treatment are met.

InnoTractor offers a solution where sensors are measuring the condition of the goods in the parcel and send the data to the DiLLaS blockchain. All parties in the logistics chain get access to the data and SLA adherence can be openly verified without the ability of any party to tamper with the data. Based on this information the parcel can be stopped, rerouted, parties can decline acceptance and respective parties can be held accountable for SLA violation. It also enables critical insight in logistic chain weaknesses, enables fast issue detection and resolution and increases accountability.

Telbase IoT

IoT Billing Service Platform

Telbase IoT billing offers a full featured billing platform for customers with subscription based businesses.
Telbase IoT billing is product independent, supports multiple customer structures, offers localisation, is format independent (PDF, e-mail, print), contains workflow and supports complex pricing structures (rate plans, discounts, customer specific pricing).

Through standardised APIs the billing platform easily integrates with existing ERP systems.