The Orbitz is a credit-card sized modular IoT device which can be used as a remote sensor, actuator or hub. By default, it is equipped with GPS, temperature- and motion-sensors but the Orbitz can be easily adapted in many ways to fit your business needs fast. Not only can you tailor connectivity and power supply, the input and output options enable for instance additional sensor. Orbitz can be supplied with and without housing. This flexibility can accelerate your digitisation so you can quickly achieve more control and higher process efficiency.

The Orbitz communicates securely via the latest communication technologies with our IoT Service Platform Gravity.

Orbitz have been developed with our hardware development partner Betronic.

Get in touch with us to see how Orbitz can support your business in removing waste from the supply chain, get real time control over your physical processes and be able to act on events in real-time.