What if you loose your stuff? And with “stuff” we mean tools from a van. Currently vans, cranes, construction platforms and larger machines are equipes with GPS trackers. But what if you want to find smaller electric tools like a drill?

It’s a common phenomenon at construction companies that tools are lost, get stolen or that tools are “borrowed” without returning afterwards. Subsequently, at the annual NEN3140 testing and certification many tools are listed as missing. At audits its frequently found that uncertified tools did end up in the construction vans and are used. This causes a risk for employee safety and could impact the VCA certificate.
Innotractor is developing a digital IoT solution. When deployed, as soon as a construction van leaves the construction site the driver gets notified that a tool is missing in the van or that the van contains someone else’s drill. These notifications are logged and presented in the construction companies’ ERP system and the driver can easily check the location of the missing tool. Company management can benefit from savings as tools don’t get lost and hence do not need to be replaced. And when cross checking tools and certification it can find and isolate uncertified tools.

The solution offers operational cost savings, reduces tool investment and can increase employee safety which all-in-all also supports a positive company reputation. Contact Innotractor to find out more about the solution and its deployment