InnoTractor wins i4Trust project on connected supply chain

InnoTractor has teamed up with TNOFynlyEPS Design, Circle Lines and Context-In-Trust to drive the i4Trust experiment CoLoDaS. This Supply Chain 4.0 project will develop an advanced logistics platform to support higher transparency of processes and trusted data sharing between all the involved actors within the logistic supply chain, whilst monitoring the transportation sector’s carbon footprint.
Key elements of the experiment include compliance with the iSHARE Foundation and FIWARE standards.

The experiment will demonstrate a logistics flow of bricks from factory to final destination which will be monitored by an Orbitz IoT device to measure location and shocks. At each step in the flow the shipment will be handed over to the next party (supported by a smartphone application) and this is logged as an event in the DiLLaS blockchain service. At the handover the recipient can verify the status of the goods in real time: if SLA (service level agreement) levels on shock have or have not been violated. Also the modality used in the shipment will be logged for each leg, enabling data availability from which CO2 consumption. The data generated in the service will become a data space in which data sharing is enabled by Fiware compliant standardisation. To facilitate standardised identification, authentication and authorisation the Gravity SaaS platform will also support the iShare framework.

In the end, the project will showcase a true Supply Chain 4.0 demonstration of a connected supply chain, creating transparant, secure and decentralised data sharing.

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